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The Bookaholic Princess

Viviani. Aquarius. Brazilian. I'm a twenty-three-year-old bookworm and fan girl. A Whovian for life. Love to read (too many favorite books to say here), watch movies and TV series. I am also a huge fan of the Japanese culture, and love animes and mangas. I also ship the Doctor/Rose.

You can expect to find here anything that strikes my fancy at the moment, especially from the things I like. Expect quotes that I find or from the books I'm currently reading.

Wow, I think that's it! Have fun! :D

“Well excuse me for being the only married woman in a group full of horny toads who sit around all night making googly eyes at eachother”

“Googly eyes?”



Community/Friends References

Somewhere out there

There’s someone saying a prayer

That we’ll find one another

In that big somewhere out there