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The Bookaholic Princess

Viviani. Aquarius. Brazilian. I'm a twenty-three-year-old bookworm and fan girl. A Whovian for life. Love to read (too many favorite books to say here), watch movies and TV series. I am also a huge fan of the Japanese culture, and love animes and mangas. I also ship the Doctor/Rose.

You can expect to find here anything that strikes my fancy at the moment, especially from the things I like. Expect quotes that I find or from the books I'm currently reading.

Wow, I think that's it! Have fun! :D


Learn to Speak Dothraki in Just 22 Easy Steps

For the night is dark and full of grammar.

if the actual book quotes were in the show.








friendly reminder that when the actor who played khal drogo met the actress who plays daenerys he shouted “WIFEY!” and tackled her

Also reminder that during one of the sex scenes they were supposed to film, he came on with a sock puppet on his dick and Emilia Clarke was laughing so hard they had to take a ten minute break. 

​My life is
INFINITELY better knowing those tidbits of information

at the Q&A panel I went to with him he said before every sex scene with her he would go “I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY” before getting into character and going at it

these two are everything



what should have happened.



beautiful beasts by bubug


no seriously let’s lay this all out

  • Sansa starts the series at eleven years old and is currently thirteen
  • She is currently the successor to Winterfell, the Lady of Casterly Rock, in line for Riverrun and near to becoming the ruler of the Eyrie
  • She managed to trick her abusive fiancé, who was the king into not killing someone 
  • She survived over a year in kings landing whilst three of her family members died and three others had to run away believed dead
  • She stayed strong and polite around those who killed her family, whilst slipping in some subtle insults
  • She has managed to get some of the best fighters in Westeros on her side including Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth and Sandor Clegane
  • All whilst remaining good and kind and compassionate

But no do keep telling us how naive and bad at the game she is